Tuesday, December 21, 2010

George Washington conquered! October 25th, 2010

The time had come to move on.  Again.  We were leaving NY state and heading towards Washington D.C.!!

But first, there was much packing to be done as we had brought a whole bunch of stuff into the house from the RV.  Toys, clothes, books, food, etc.  Everyone did their share, even if they themselves were practically the size of the backpack they were carrying....


There were also trees to be climbed one last time.  A good thing to do before getting in the car for a long drive.


After much deliberation the previous night, we settled on the route we'd take.  We dreadfully wanted to avoid going into Manhattan but really had few choices here given our size.  Our choice was to either head south on the east side with all the huge trucks and huge truck traffic, or, we could head south via Manhattan and then cross over the Hudson on the George Washington Bridge (GWB), a HUGE suspension bridge.  Neither one was appealing in the least but we choose the lesser of two evils, Manhattan, if you can believe it.

Into the northern edge of Manhattan we went, RV and all....YIKES!!



Thankfully, we didn't miss our exit to end up going down through the rest of Manhattan.  Yes, that was a very real and pressing fear we had.

No, this is not even the bridge traffic yet, it's just the traffic, uh, I mean the road, leading you to the bridge.....


Yup, that's where we're heading, with all them big ol' trucks on the upper deck!


This does not look like a happy man.....I can see the worry lines being carved into his face....


That's part of the Manhattan skyline in the distance.  Too bad it was a lousy cloudy day.

Here we go........

Imagine if you will, one of the Lion King's instrumental crescendos building as you look at these pictures.  That's exactly what we were listening to.  The music lined up so very perfectly with what we were experiencing, it was pretty funny.  Wish I could play it for you here.



Ahhh, a smile finally crosses his face!


Yes, we must be leaving the bridge and Manhattan behind, finally.

Now, all we had to get through was New Jersey.  But that was easy, all major highways without getting off once.

Correction.  We did get off the highway once.  We stopped at a rest area to meet up with one of S's old old friends who now lives in South Jersey.

O is an awesome guy.  We hadn't seen him in forever and a half but he was S's first friend when S first came to the US and he was also at our wedding way back when.  He drove to 'our' rest stop on the tollway for a very quick visit with us.  We couldn't hang for more than 30 minutes since we had another 3 hours of driving ahead of us and night was fast approaching.  Like I said, he's awesome.

The kids absolutely loved him,


The guys had a little time to chat,

And he made a great jungle gym!  Exactly what the boys needed on a long day of driving.


On the road again, we noticed something very interesting about NJ,


Before every bridge there is some kind of suicide prevention information!  Pretty interesting....That's all.

I believe it was no earlier than 8PM before we pulled into our campground in the Washington D.C area.  It was dark and late and we had a huge day ahead of us tomorrow, White House included!

Straight to bed for us all it was.

Some of us went to sleep with a baby in our tummies......I do believe J's very pregnant belly yesterday had something to do with this one :-).


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