Tuesday, March 1, 2011

These are a few of my favorite things.....

Are you singing yet?  ;-)  Why is it my brain always has as song in it??

But really, someone asked me recently if there was anything I wish I had taken with me in the RV that I didn't, and, was there anything I wish I hadn't taken with me.  Surprisingly, the answers were easy as pie.

There was only one thing I wish I had brought with me from our stick house that I didn't:  My 4 cup measuring cup.  Yup, really.  That's the only thing I found myself missing on a regular basis.  Easily remedied luckily, and it was.

As to the second question, well, that one was easy too.  A lot of what we took I wish we hadn't.  That includes, toys, books, activity type books for the kids, games, plastic containers (tupperwareish stuff that is), 'school' stuff, and certain clothes.  Yes, we need some from each category mentioned, but not nearly as much as I took....And I thought I was cutting way way back on all that stuff too.

These questions however got me thinking about what I find I can't live without in the RV.  In other words, what did I take that I'm *really* grateful for?

Here are my top ten (in no particular order, except for the first maybe):

1. The Blendtec.  Of course.  We couldn't have breakfast on most days without it.

2. A salad spinner.  Yes.  How else can one efficiently and quickly dry mounds of lettuces and greens?

3. All my beloved plastic baskets, bins and containers!  I am finally actually using every single one! I am the queen of bins, baskets and containers.  Just ask S......I have every single bin and container that filled our 4000sqft house in this 36ft RV!  Really.  Everything needs its own home when you're dealing with such a small space.  And a home that will literally contain those things when it's moving to boot.

4. Two sheet sets per child.  Do I really need to explain?  Suffice it to say that when one child is sick the others, typically, follow suit.  I don't want to be worrying about doing laundry when I'm busy trying to keep a vomiting child aiming for a container, or at least away from the carpet (stinky carpets are not thrilling in a small closed space).  Not to mention other things that could happen to said sheets....

5. A computer.  Duh.

6. A comfortable couch.  When we bought the RV we quickly realized the couch was not going to cut it comfort wise.  It was just not conducive to curling up on let alone sitting comfortably on.  It was quickly replaced and I am oh so very grateful for that!  Our new couch has the added bonus of providing us with some great under couch storage space the original didn't.  And yes, it is a sleeper sofa as well.  Sleepover anyone?

7. Good coolers and ice packs.  Have to keep all that produce somewhere, it just won't all fit in the fridge for a few days after we shop.

8. Lots and lots of blankets.  Lots of them.  From heavy comforters to Gramma's many quilts and afghans to lightweight throws.  Every single one has come in handy, especially on frigid nights when each child is tucked under at least 4 covers.  On top of their super warm PJs.

9. Several ice trays.  Most RV freezers do not come equipped with ice makers and you can't make a decent smoothie without ice.

10. Homemade, all natural, all purpose cleaning liquid.  Thank you J in Boulder!!  Noxious odors (from regular cleaning products) become a whole lot more noxious in tight closed spaces....

So, all you RVers out there, what am I missing from this list?  Though I really don't have that much room in here for a heck of a lot more....  :-)


  1. I agree completely that there isn't anything I'm missing. Well, except for the a laptop battery charger that I must have accidentally donated.

    As far as things, I can't live without.

    1. Virgin MiFi internet.
    2. iphone/GPS
    3. Photo Albums- to share with new friends

    We post everything we own here: http://manvsdebt.com/stuff/

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