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Colonial Williamsburg, November 7th, 2010 continued.....

Yes, I'm going backwards now just to add to your confusion!  I can't believe it, but I seem to have skipped this part of our day back on November 7th and jumped ahead straight to the Wright Brothers in NC.  I had it all set to publish at the time but I guess I forgot to do it!  Apologies apologies.....So here it is:

Jamestown wasn't the only thing we did on the 7th.  We managed to fill the day to capacity since, like I said before, and I'm starting to sound like a broken record, we were on a tight schedule....

Once we wrapped up Jamestown, Virginia colony's first capital, we took the short yet pretty drive over to Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia's second capital.  The official move took place in 1699 for a couple of reasons. First of all, a fire destroyed the Jamestown Statehouse for the third time.  Second, Williamsburg was a much more pleasant location to live in apparently, primarily due to its distance from the brackish water that brought along with it plenty of mosquitoes and disease.

In case you don't know, and this was news to me, one can wander around Colonial Williamsburg without paying a dime!  You can wander the streets, gaze at the buildings, talk to the characters, and generally just feel the vibe.  If you want to go into the buildings, well, that'll cost you a pretty penny.  Especially if you're 5 people...


Given the lateish hour and our desire to basically see it, soak it in a bit and get out, we did not hand over that big chunk of change.

Wandering the streets was perfect!  What first caught our eye was the local grocer, if you will, with his own little, or not so little, vegetable garden.  We were absolutely drooling at this sight...isn't it beautiful?!


We managed to pet the horses and chat with their driver (driver?)


Try on some period headwear,


Lead the bad guys to jail (and enjoy that gorgeous tree!),


And take the obligatory pictures.....



Then we chatted up some British soldiers.


All in about an hour and a half.  It was plenty and everyone was satisfied.

Then, just because we hadn't done enough that day, we decided to take this in:


From here,


A free ferry ride across the James River!  Why on earth not?!


Of course we had to take the ferry back again, which no one objected to.  We also scored a great view of historic Jamestowne from the ferry.  It gave us an entirely different perspective on it both visually and historically.


I'm happy to report that the ferry ride was indeed our final activity of the day.  Tomorrow we'd be crossing into


Wright Brothers, here we come!

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