Thursday, July 21, 2011

Confusion and, conclusion?

I'm confused.


Not about what we're doing, but about how to reflect it all here in this blog.


There's so much to catch up on going way back to November, there's what we've been doing lately to report on and then there are other events, unrelated to our specific travels, that have deeply touched our lives.


I think what I might try to do right now is catch you up on what is happening right now and then as time goes by, go back and report on our adventures that got us to this point in time.


We are officially home again.  Well, in Boulder County, Colorado anyway.  As of yesterday afternoon, we have officially come full circle!  I can't believe it.  I remember wondering as we were driving out last year how fast this upcoming year of adventure would actually go by.  Well, I'm here to tell you that it has gone by in a flash!  A very fast moving slideshow of events, people and places.  It's absolutely shocking to think we've made it a full year and here we are right back where we started again.  Geographically speaking that is.  In every other aspect we are so so very far removed from where we started......It's amazing what a year on the road, with all its unpredictability, will do for your own personal human growth and development as well as that of your family.


Geographically, we've experienced:  Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, NY - state and city, New England - Maine mostly, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California!


I skipped the 'in between' states in this list since we just drove through them so I can't really claim we've experienced them.  Looking at the list it kind of amazes me that that's 'all' we've done.  It's been a year after all, but we did spend over a month and even two in some of those states, so I guess that explains things somewhat.


So yes, we're home now.  Or like I said, in our home county at least.  We're not yet quite sure what the upcoming year holds for us.  We have rented out our house for an additional year so we have plenty of flexibility and some decision making to do as to what we want to happen.  One big lesson we learned this year is to wait and see.  We've learned that the answers comes when you ask the right questions and when you just let things happen, or flow, if you like.  We learned that not every step in life, even the big ones, needs planning weeks, months or even years in advance.  We've learned to trust.  We've learned to listen. And we've learned to act on what we hear, see and feel.  We've learned a lot and like I said, we've grown tremendously.


So where does that leave us?  I don't have an answer to that.  Yet.


What I do know is that we'll hang around here for the next month enjoying friends and our old stomping grounds, and then?  Who knows.  We have options and we are letting them digest and process.  Who knows what may come along down the road or around the corner......


Whatever happens though, we'll keep you posted!


In the meantime I'll be going back in time to fill you in on all we've done between November and now and try to stick to the chronological order of events to the best of my ability.  The purpose of the blog was, after all, to be our travel journal that we share with all of those who are interested.  Thank goodness I take a million pictures that guide me in the blog writing process!  I also have a couple of other topics, unrelated to our travels, that need reporting on and I'll likely start with those.


See you in the next post!




  1. Wow! We are in the process now of renting out our home and finding an RV. I went back and read some of your beginning posts and had to laugh because most of what you posted especially about the "stuff" I am feeling now as well as trying to visualize our family of five living in such a small space. The other thing I was glad to read was the response from family we have yet to tell a single family member of our plans especially parents...yikes! Anyway all this to say thanks for telling your story on a blog and I feel much more encouraged toward our plans. I've started a blog also for the first time to track our progress. Welcome home! Is there a place I could post some questions?

  2. Hi Kim and thanks for writing! I'm glad our experiences are perhaps making your load a little lighter :-). I don't know what size RV you're looking at but I was very pleasantly surprised to find that we rarely feel 'squeezed' in. Granted we have a 37' 5th wheel with 2 bedrooms, but still, it is an RV after all. Post your blog url here so I follow you too! As for questions, I guess you could just ask in the comments here. If you don't mind, maybe I'll copy them into a post and answer there? Now that I think about it, that's an excellent idea to have somewhere to post questions! I need to get dear techie husband on it....:-)