Saturday, October 2, 2010

Moving day

There was more of Cody we still had to squeeze in before we headed east though.

Not to be missed, supposedly, was an extensive and detailed miniature wild west diorama!


It ran from the early American Indians up until the days of Buffalo Bill's show.  It included ancient Indians and their ways of life pre horses, later Indians -


Settlers, forts and battles -


The coming of the railroad (complete with a train you could operate inside the diorama), gold mining towns, cattle drives, etc. There was an audio explanation of it all along with some reading materials.

The mini museum, situated in the back of a gift shop btw, also included an extensive selection of Native American and pioneer artifacts.  We apparently were not tired of these things even after our two days at the Buffalo Bill historical Center. Go figure.


Finally, we were ready to leave Cody! And it's about time, given that our initial plan was to stay 3 days max and here we were on day 6.....

Stopping on our way out of town to dump (a necessity before beginning a long drive and a good idea anyway), some of us had lunch in the car, grumpy faces and all, while S was busy, um, relieving the RV. While there, another RV pulled up to do the same and the two men (it always seems to be the man. Not complaining here...) sat and chatted while their respective RVs were emptying out.  A cute scene.


Driving from Cody to Gillette, our next scheduled stop on our way to Devils Tower and South Dakota, we passed through dry desert, gorgeous canyons and very winding roads going down and then up said canyons.  The beauty was surprising!

We also passed through an important landmark for some of you, you know who you are, so I figured it deserved a shot of it's own :-)


See you in Gillette!




  1. gotta love the Buffalo sign - do they have the Bills too? what is A eating?

  2. Sounds as though you've had a wonderful time. Being able to adjust your trip to accommodate interesting areas is so cool...

    So glad to see the booster seats... I sometimes get negative comments about my 9 yo riding in one (like it is anyone's business!). But if she were to sit in the "regular" car seat, the belt would go right across her neck.

    I know many parents remove the booster seat as soon as it is "legal" to do so. My daughter loves sitting up high, and has never argued about it. She even asked me if she will be able to use it in our rig!

    Your children are adorable! Hope the little one is still ok after his close encounter with the display the other day...:-)

    Kerri in AL :-)

  3. Ack! I just posted a response but lost my connection and then my content :-(. Anyway, thank you. It's been several days since I've had a semi decent connection. The little one is fine and has already moved on to his next mishap!
    I totally agree re the booster. I think size is the indicator, not the age. It also depends on the car, sometimes the belt works well for her, but not in this truck. Besides, it's more comfortable especially during long rides. Somewhere to rest your head :-).

  4. Ema, don't hink they have the Bills, they are one of a kind. A good thing?
    A is eating lettuce with sprouts :-)