Saturday, October 30, 2010

The perils of a busy sightseeing life...

Wow. It's been a week since I last even attempted to get caught up here. I think I'm about a month behind at this point already.....

Currently we are in DC trying to see it ALL, even though we realize that is pretty much impossible. One can hope.

We spent several days in NY, with plenty of wireless to be had but absolutely no time to utilize it! Not that I'm complaining, we saw some great stuff, spent great quality time with family from near and far and all in all had some spectacular times! What got shoved aside thanks to those long busy days was the blog...a girl's got to get her sleep when she's going from 7am to 10pm, dragging her kids with her, several days on a row.

Currently, like I mentioned, we're in DC. At a natinal park about 12 miles out of DC really. It's a hop skip and a jump away, but no wireless. And no time to utilize it even if we had it. Again, due to some amazing things we're seeing and doing, but LONG full days are not conducive to blogging. At least not in my world.

To wrap things up: no wireless + sheer exhaustion = limited blog updates using the iPhone....Which is a pain to begin with.

My apologies. We think we'll finish up here in DC sometime next week at which point we hope to have time to sit and chill on the outer banks of NC a bit before we head down to FL. Let's hope for some wireless!

Until then, I promise to do my best to update you as often as I can withot driving myself nuts doing it on the iPhone....


  1. Oh, I don't know, maybe an IPAD would do the trick? We miss you and have some catching up to do of our own. We're plotting your latest on our map today! Love you all, Christine and family

  2. Oh Christine, you so clever ;)! I know, I know...though we'd love one of course, ipads cost $$$...not in the cards right now... Love everyone!!