Monday, January 10, 2011

Just a hangin' and just a chillin' - October 30th & 31st

So here we are on our two day 'vacation' from sightseeing in DC.  Much needed I might add.

Turning to the weather for a moment, the first two days we spent here were some of the most humid I've experienced in my life.  And I've been through summers in Houston!  It wasn't all that hot, in fact, it was even down right chilly those first couple days.  But my oh my was there moisture in the air.  Even our plants grew mold!!  Not to worry, they have dried out and recovered since.  And yes, we travel with two little plants.  The first was a going away gift from our friends in Boulder.  It's a practical gift aptly named by my friend, the magic plant.  We refer to it as such as well.  Its real name, though not the scientific one I guess, is Hen and chick.  Yes, Hen and chick is the name.  It's sort of like an Aloe plant but better in the sense that it will cure practically every ill your skin may experience.  From bug bites to burns to rashes, this plant's juice does the trick, in an instant!  Like I said, it's the magic plant.  Aloe, btw, we ingest more than we use on our skin, though it's good topically too of course.  The second plant was a gift from one of our new 'Teton friends' from Minnesota.  It's a garlic chive plant.  At the moment it's not faring so well....but we're still holding out hope.  It's delicious!

Back to DC though.

As you can see from the double pajama layers the weather turned really cold that night.  But, the next morning the kids were up and writing in their USDA notebooks again!


While S and O (who spent the night in his tent at the campground) had their morning drinks.  And there are the plants! Attempting to dry out in the sun a bit....


This one was busy working on his White House.  After five days of getting up early and hitting the road, or the pavement, everyone was really glad to have the morning, and the day, to just chill.


O spent quite a bit of time teaching Analyzer how to use Wikipedia for her airplane and rocket research.  She was expanding her aerospace studies to beyond what she found at the museum.

And there's a plant again!  I think it's a recurring theme.....That's the Hen and Chick btw.  Hard to tell, but it has the 'mother', or hen, in the middle with all the little 'babies', or chicks, shooting out around it.  They will start their own new 'colonies'.


Lots of time for giggles and fun and there's the other plant!  The chives obviously, during better days....


Sunday came and we had a family related mission.  We were going to meet the mother and stepdad of my soon to be sister in-law, M!  They happen to live about 45 minutes away from where we were so we set out in the afternoon to meet them for the first time and have a nice evening together.

K, M's Mom, is a lovely lovely woman with a wonderful sense of humor to boot.  In an email she offered up this description as to how to find them.  She said, in the driveway are two cars, one black one white, the house is white with black shutters and the couple inside, is black and white! Love her :-).


Unfortunately I don't have a decent picture of O, M's stepdad to share.  He was so gracious, shared K's sense of humor and had some very interesting stories to share with us about himself and his family history.

We took a short walk down the street to play with the dog


and kick the soccer ball around.


Inventor helped out with the dinner and we all enjoyed a serene, lovely and delicious time.


Tomorrow, it's back to town to explore more more of this rest stuff!

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