Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Blue

Yes, I know.  It's been a while.  I blame technology and I blame my frustration with it.

I've been trying for what seems like forever to upload Inventor's birthday post but keep running into frustrating 'photo upload errors'.  These errors had me going through every single photo and checking and rechecking it for hours upon end.  I kid you not.  Iv'e spent so many hours on it that I have since thrown up my hands in disgust and given up, for the moment anyway. I WILL get that post up one way or another, it just won't be right now.  Poor Inventor.....He turned 8 btw!

In the meantime, and yes I know I'm still back in DC in our little travel log, I bring you a sweet little story of a cat.  Yes, a cat.

This -

IMG_0369 (1).jpg

is Little Blue.

The photo was taken a year and 2 months ago out in the middle of nowhere TX.  He was one of a myriad of free roaming cats my loving Aunt B generously feeds on the ranch she shares with my Uncle D.

When I say a myriad, I mean A Myriad.  This is what kitty dinnertime looks like out there:


No, not all the cats have names, I think.  This one caught D&B's eye cause he was so small, so blue/gray and so affectionate!  He, like all the cats out here (well, except for the royal indoor cat) find their way to the ranch where they are well fed.  Other than that, they are on their own and have to fend for themselves when it comes to every other aspect of survival.  And out here, it's really survival of the fittest for these guys and gals.  It's wild country!

Well, this particular little kitty cat was so friendly, so small and so trusting that B didn't hold out much hope for his survival.  BTW, no, they could not bring him indoors and officially adopt him since the royal cat would surely have had a very violent hissy fit.  In other words, his survival in this particular house was not guaranteed either.

Our kids fell for Little Blue the minute they set eyes on him,

IMG_0372 (1).jpg

And he didn't seem to mind them at all either.

Just to make it clear, S and I are NOT what you'd call cat people, by any stretch.  We are dog people.  Cats were never on our must have list.  Nor were they on our 'even slightly interested' list.  BUT - we ALL fell in love with Little Blue.  EVEN S.  If it weren't for his severe allergic reactions to cats Little Blue would certainly have come back home to CO with us!  That's quite a statement coming from us I tell you.

B, being quite concerned for this little guy, asked us if by chance we knew of anybody who'd be interested in adopting him.  Nobody came to mind.

About a week after our visit up at the ranch my good friend H here in Austin mentioned that they have started thinking about getting a cat.  They already had a dog and have had a cat in the past, but they really were only interested in a particular kind of cat.  A very very VERY gray cat.  These kinds of cats have a name but it completely escapes me at the moment.  Well, you can probably guess what my reaction was.

Long story short is we ended up going back up to nowhere TX during that visit and brought Little Blue to his new, safe and sound and loving home in Austin.

Why am I sharing all this?

Well, we of course visited Little Blue (and our friends) again during this TX visit.  Little Blue is A. Not so little anymore and B. Goes by a different name, Sterling.

This is 'Little' Sterling today, a whopping 10lbs later....

He really is stunning.


I know, I know, you don't see his size quite yet, hang on.

This is his behind...


Getting the picture?

This is his whole entire humungo self!


He is still loving and gentle, i.e. tolerates quite a lot.....but as you can see from here, it's hard now for Inventor to even pick him up!


His coat is soooo think, lush and soft it could rival any fancy lady's fur coat!


He's gorgious and we still absolutely love him.

And he, apparently, still remembers and loves us too


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