Saturday, February 19, 2011

Home, home on the range.....

If home is where you park it, we're home baby!

It's been a wonderful, eventful and well, just full six (eeik!) weeks of staying with friends and family, literally in their houses.  But now, we're home again.  Not far from said friends and family, but we're in our very own abode.

Time spent with others is rewarding and enjoyable of course and everyone was so gracious, generous, welcoming, and just fun to be with.  But come on, how long can you go without being in your own space and being master of your own domain? (OK all you Seinfeldians, settle down now, I'm using the true definition here!)

As Analyzer put it when we walked in "Ahhh! It's so good to be home.  And I can hear the crickets again!".  That's my nature girl :-).

And speaking of nature, it simply satisfies the soul to be in it again.  Not just for a quick visit, but to live in.  To settle in, in.  Just to be clear, we're not in some far off national park or something.  Nor are we enjoying any spectacular natural phenomenon (sorry Texans...).  We're just north of Austin on Lake Travis at a plain ol' RV park.  We're not even on the water, can't even see it from here.  Nonetheless, we're outside, we're more relaxed and we're more in touch, with each other and ourselves.

For example, today we spent 8.5 hours driving from here to there in Austin, running this errand and that, as well as doing some martial arts (ok. some people got to actually have fun).   We spent some lovely chunks of time in I-35 traffic, going both directions (worse than DC if you ask me!).  We did manage to have some enjoyable snacks and smoothies at the Daily Juice (a mostly raw all vegan Austin tradition) so that was fun, yummy and fulfilling.  So not all was a pain you see.  The iphone died just as I was taking a picture so I'm bummed I can't show it to you.

My point here is that once we finally, FINALLY, arrived back at the campsite, we all took a long deep breath and said/felt:  Hallelujah!  All was peaceful, all was calm and all was just chill (can you use that as an adjective??). The kids, including S with the recycling, immediately hopped on their bikes and road off. The unloading and putting away of stuff was painless and refreshing for me.  Once that was done, the lounge chairs beckoned and out I went to sit with my trusty computer to throw together this entry.  This atmosphere, as opposed to the daily suburban life vibe we've been experiencing for so long, summons up my expressive juices I guess.

That's gotta be a seriously good sign.  Don't you think?


  1. I was surprised how quickly our RV felt like home. I think we all naturally search for a domain. Whether it's a hotel room for a week, an apartment abroad for three months, an RV, or purchased home, we set up camp.

    Even when we visit family and friends, I prefer to sleep in the RV. It's my bedroom. I'm just lucky to get to take my bedroom everywhere!

  2. home is sweet - wherever and whatever it is. you're all together now in your own space and that's what counts.

  3. A great sign! We love getting back to our home on wheels!

  4. So glad I'm not nuts for loving our little home on wheels so much :-). It's true, traveling is so much easier when you take your bed (and your, MINIMAL, stuff for that matter) along for the ride!