Friday, February 11, 2011

Feast or famine

Or so it seems.

Why oh why have I been so quiet?  Well, we seem to have come to a temporary halt in our trip.  Temporary, not to worry.  Due to that fact though, I think, the inspiration to sit and report on what we've been doing has up and floated away.  For now.  As we haven't been doing much.  It's a good thing I'm so backed up on our travel log, at least I can catch up meanwhile, perhaps.

I think this is a lesson in 'be careful what you wish for'.  I wished for rest from our go, go, go lifestyle that characterized our east coast adventures.  I got some rest in FL in the form of not going and doing and seeing.  Much anyway.  The plan was to head to TX for some friend and family (F&F) time.  Some.  And then, head off into the sunset, literally.

Well, it's been five weeks here in TX.


And now, it seems it's going to be even longer, taking us into March....Like I said, it's famine time!  Famine from our travels and sightseeing lives that is.  We love being here with the F&Fs of course, but, we're not home.  We're staying with people and are not rooted, as strange as that may sound coming from an RVer.

Why are we still here?  It is for a very very good reason, and we wouldn't have had it any other way.  First, we were delayed in Houston due to S's eyes and doctor appointments.  All's fine on that front, for now anyway. Then we headed to Austin, where the plan was to stay for a nice chunk of time, 2 or 3 weeks.  We have lots of friends and family here to catch up with.  After spending some time here in Austin we went out to the country to visit with more friends, popping back into Austin for an overnighter with my Dad's cousin N.  Well, a one nighter turned into a many many many nighter thanks to our dog.  Yes, poor Labra.  He got underfoot (not uncommon for a 12 year old Labrador) and sent N tumbling over him with her knee smacking into the tile floor.  Ouch.  Ouch.  And Ouch!  Understatement of the year.

Next morning we made the call to EMS and dear dear cousin N was diagnosed with a fractured patella……Oh my goodness….Needless to say leaving her was *not* an option (her fall being our dog's fault or not).  Our beloved cousin was laid up with no one in house to help her out.  Obviously, again, we were going to stick around to take good care of her.

Two weeks later and N is doing much better and can even hobble along on her own now!  Yay!!  So, no, we don't *have* to stay, she can certainly fend for herself now.  But, we're still helpful in the sense that she doesn't have to get up for every little thing, do every single thing herself AND, more importantly, we keep her entertained.  Sometimes we provide a bit (?) more entertainment than she perhaps bargained for ;-).  Nevertheless, she loves us and we love her and all's well.  We do promise we'll be leaving.  Really really. No.  Really!

N, being pretty much dependent on us for food these past two weeks, has enjoyed many a raw meal and daily smoothies!  Nothing like being pretty much 'incarcerated' to be indoctrinated into the lifestyle :-).  Honestly though, we've been doing a bit more heating of food, I'll explain that another time.

Despite N's successful recovery process we will be hanging around Austin for about a month more.  Why?  So S can travel to help out a friend.  If I am going to be left all by my lonesome with three kids and a dog it might as well be some place I know like the back of my hand (we lived here for 7 years) AND somewhere we have many friends and family to keep us company.  Austin's it!  Better than in the middle of nowhere RV land.....

Anyway, looks like we're hunkering down in Austin for a while, if we really leave when we hope to, it'll be a total of 9 weeks in east and central TX!  Wowie wow wow wow.  Certainly was not in the grand plan, but, the best laid plans and all that.....

Go with the flow y'all, even if the flow gets clogged up sometimes!

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