Saturday, November 6, 2010

The bumpy road east...our last leg

Our last day of travel, for now, had thankfully arrived.  Today we would reach our first destination, Buffalo NY!  Why Buffalo you ask?  The answer is here in case you missed it.

Cutting across the northwestern corner of


Whirlwind expressed this sentiment:  I love trees, they're my heros!  I thought that was a nice way to greet a new state :-).

Pennsylvania was short lived and we soon, FINALLY, crossed over into NY!! Hallelujah!!


Despite the tremendous amounts of bumps and lumps on the road heading east, driving into Buffalo, as corny as it sounds, warmed the cockles of our hearts.  Again, here's why.


And no, Buffalo has nothing to do with these, so not sure why you see them around....


I was told the name might possibly have something to do with the French words for 'beautiful river', as in the Niagara.

In any case, we'd arrived!  The longest and most drawn out part of our trek east had come to an end.  We were now ready to settle in for several days and do some short distance exploring and wandering as well as some long awaited visiting.


That's cousin Patsy on the right, our chief greeter and playmate during our stay in Buffalo.  Patsy is an adorable young lab who provided hours of play and entertainment for all.  She, unfortunately, did not get nearly as much in return from Labra, who was quite content to just sit still and rest, being the old man he is.

Patsy never gave up though, she was always nudging him along saying "come on!  Get up and play already! Whachya sittin' around for all day long?!"


Labra would have non of it.

Biscuits were a huge hit though of course,


And here's where Labra did get in on all the action



His best trick yet!

Those two dogs sure got a lotta love




and activity


During our visit.

Some more than others regarding that last one.

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