Thursday, November 18, 2010

A prolonged farewell

Well, saying goodbye to Maine was a little drawn out, as you'll see :-).  It's really hard to leave such a spectacular place.  We wished we had more time to drive around to all the other parts of the state, especially further up the coast and even into Nova Scotia, but alas, it was not meant to be.  With late fall in the air and an increasing amount of nor'easters looming, we had to go.  Not to mention we had a schedule to keep, unfortunately.  I've said it before and I'll say it again:  Schedule are really no fun when you're traveling like this.  Needing to be somewhere by sometime basically sucks.  RVing is much more conducive to going at your own pace and not having to rush.  But rush we must if we were to see all the historical sites on our list as we headed to NY.  And if we were in this part of the country already, we were NOT going to be missing those major historical sites.  It was just not an option.

Our first stop the morning we left was just down the path though, the beach at the campground.  First of all, we had to say goodbye to it.  Second, the kids had decided they wanted to take some water from the Atlantic and later some water from the Pacific so they could conduct some experiments to see the differences (if any) and to mix them as well.  OK, that works.  Let's just hope nothing happens to our Atlantic ocean water on our way out west....

So down we went to the rocky shore for a quick frolic and water collecting session,


This kind of beach is my favorite.  Yes, I love taking pictures of my kids playing on sandy beaches, but kids aside, this is MY favorite kind of sea shore.  I mentioned on Facebook that I had now found another place I would be happy to live in.  There are very few of those.  So far it's Colorado and Maine.  A friend was quick to point out I should try the winters there before making this declaration though ;-).


And once again, finally, I got in a picture!  Sometimes I just have to hand the camera over to S and say "snap some pics of me!" I seem to be master of the camera since when he has it he doesn't really use it!.  But I wanted proof I was actually here!  I know, I need to do it more often, I'm on this trip too after all!


So here we are collecting the water


And a little more.

Love the ripples in the water here,


More ripples and water study


Some bird watching thrown in.  The beauty just doesn't stop.


Then we had more fall beauty driving down the coast


And fall foliage combined with a picturesque town combined with the water.  WOW.


We were crossing a bridge in case you're wondering what those vertical lines are.


And finally, what really caught our eye, the pizza weathervane!  LOL!  In a place where every weathervane is marine related, this one stood out.


Our day had barely begun at this point.  We were embarking on a 2 hour drive down to the lighthouse that was chosen to be on the Maine quarter!

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