Friday, November 5, 2010

RV there yet???

HA HA! I know.....We actually saw it on another RV's bumper.  When you're driving for hours and days on end, humor becomes a necessity.  Even if it's bad humor :-).

It was the day of three states.  We started in Illinois, drove across into

and ended up in


It was also the day of a world record, for us.  We left by 10AM!!  Rv and all!  That is totally unheard of the way we've been rolling. Yes, it's exciting, especially since we were looking at another long day of driving. Not to worry, the excitement was short lived since we made a little detour to try and find a memorial and then we hit construction.  That early start got us nowhere fast.  Oh well.

We did however come across this peculiarly named location....It pretty much suited its surroundings.....Again, pardon our humor at this point in time...


Then there was this


Sunsets on broad open skies are really something else.  Especially when they're reflected in your side view mirrors....

I have to say, those long days of driving were getting old.  Driving with a long distance destination in mind AND a certain date to be there by is just not fun.  Yes, we can stop and seek out interesting places to see and things to do.  But, like I said, we had a timetable to follow now.  External circumstances were influencing our decisions and that's ok.  The payoff will be great, it's just not fun driving and driving and driving.....and parking in Walmart after Walmart across the country.....It really is easier to just pull into one of those for the night rather than drive around looking for a state park or such.  Not to mention cheap.

On this night though we ended up parked at a truck stop.  Yikes! Talk about noisy!!  Not to mention we could only find a spot along the edge to park and therefore decided to sleep with all the slides in so they wouldn't be torn off by a truck driving by in the middle of the night.....


Sleeping with the slides in isn't bad at all, it really makes little difference.  We just had to pick the chairs up so the kids wouldn't walk into them in the middle of the night while heading to the bathroom.  Minor adjustments like that and we were good to go.  The kids liked sleeping in *very* close quarters (as if the quarters weren't close enough!).  Basically the boy's bunk bed ends up being pretty much right under Analyzer's bed, with a little room to walk in between.  Real cozy is what it was!

The new experiences never cease.....

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  1. you guys are sooooo flexible. but where would gramma have slept?