Sunday, November 7, 2010

A house vs. a home

Yes, the dog was introduced to you yesterday, before the people.  If you know our cousins P&A, you won't even question that order of events. Dogs are royalty in this house!


Having our behemoth parked in their driveway was quite a curiosity to all who live and drive by there I'm sure.  It's not your 'typical' RVing neighborhood (if there is such a thing)....




Here we are enjoying a wonderful dinner at a fancy location.  No jeans allowed.  We had to dig out our, relatively, dressy clothes for this one.  I said relatively.  Everything's relative....




Needless to say those clothes haven't gotten much use on our trip.  We brought them along specifically for these kinds of occasions.  I did not however bring along fancy dress shoes for the boys. So, that meant their everyday beat up sneakers went along with their button down shirts and clean, hole-less, pants :-). Analyzer was the one most decked out with her dressy shoes and velvety dress.


While in Buffalo, we stayed inside my cousin's actual house, not in the RV as we had originally planned.  This was the first time since leaving our own house that we stayed within 'real' walls.  We had two bedrooms at our disposal, one large bathroom all to ourselves plus an extra one in the house.  We had excellent water pressure and endless hot water.  We had consistent heating and cooling.  We had a large fridge to accommodate all our fresh produce and such, as well as a large kitchen to use.  We had in-house laundry facilities and of course, plenty of room to maneuver.





Given all those luxuries, you would think we would have had a hard time going back to our small, 'limited' house on wheels.


Well, I'm here to tell you that that wasn't the case AT ALL.  Nope, not one bit!  We loved being with my relatives of course are are so grateful for their wonderful hospitality, but missed our home.  We missed being among our things and our surroundings.  As comfortable as our beds were in the house, and they were, we missed our own beds.  Like most people know I would assume, it's not easy packing up your stuff to take with you when you're traveling.  Especially when kids are involved.  And boy is it a great feeling coming home again, even if your time away was terrific.  It's home.  And that's exactly what we'd experienced.  We had left home for several days and then came back.  Yes, we had a fantastic time with my wonderful cousins and enjoyed them and their house, but it was good to be home again when it was all over.


I'm getting ahead of myself though.  We did plenty in Buffalo before we left, but I'll save that for next time.


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