Sunday, November 14, 2010

Setting the record straight

It's been brought to my attention that from reading the blog the impression is we are constantly going going going and doing doing doing.  Despite the fact that it has also seemed that way to us for the past month, generally speaking, it's not the case.  In fact, we try to make it a point not to conduct our lives that way.

Out greatest joy is in those days or even weeks that we don't go see a park, museum, monument, etc.  Yes, those parks, museums, monuments, etc. are awesome and are part of the whole point here.  But, the feeling of freedom, and obviously relaxation, comes from our down time.

You know, those times we don't have to be somewhere by a certain time or make sure we see 'it' all before 'it' closes.  Those days we take our sweet ol' time in the morning sometimes not getting out until noon, if at all. Those times we spend playing games, sitting outside watching the birds or snakes, having a bonfire, having tackle sessions on the living room floor.  Those are the times that make us feel like we're living life, not just seeing it.

See, when I sit down to write an entry about something we did 2 or 3 weeks earlier I use my gazillion pictures to guide me.  The result is that most of the time the entries are about go go go kinds of days.  What I don't have as many pictures of, or I do, but I think they're just not as interesting, are the times we spend hanging, resting, playing, watching movies, etc.  I do try to get pictures of those activities and days onto the blog, cause like I said, it's an important part of our lives.  Guess I need to do a better job of it though.

So what am I trying to say here?

Well, just that we are not always on the go.  We do have our laundry days, library days, shopping days, and just benign errand days. We have our days we don't go anywhere at all and just stay home and take care of the business of enjoying each other's company (or not) and playing at our own pace.  To be honest, this past month we haven't had many of those days so don't expect too many of those entries or pictures anytime soon :-).

One more detail to clear things up a bit.  The entries are mostly written according to the exact chronology of events.  In other words, this happened two days ago, that happened yesterday and this happened today.  Other times though, especially if it's 'down time' days I'm writing about, I lump days together in one entry.  How much can I write about a grocery shopping expedition after all?!  OK, depending on the grocery store I think I could actually write an entire entry about it :-).  But really, here's an old entry to prove my case that we do 'chill' when we can.

And to provide you with more proof we actually do sit around sometimes 'just' having fun, here's a picture from our visit in NY.  We really had a whole day of 'just' hanging out with family. I'll admit it, some laundry was thrown into the mix, but the whole day was not dictated by it.   More on our visit later though.  We need to get through all of New England first....


For now, it's back to the famous, or infamous(?), chronology.  I believe I left off when we were about to embark on exploring Acadia National Park with the in-laws....Back to Maine we go....

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