Sunday, August 29, 2010

“Educational moments”

Just as an a example this morning’s car ride. Questions asked and answered from the back and front seats: What makes a bird a bird?  do all birds fly? could a T-rex have had feathers? how do they know what color dinos were?  what about bats? what’s echolocation? examples of echolocation?  If moths are attracted to light, how come they don’t live in the daylight?  How is it that paper airplanes hardly fly but big planes made of metal can? The questions never stop......
While driving, depending and where and when, the kids get to watch DVDs, so called 'educational' ones.  This morning they are watching a Rock ‘N Learn DVD about life science and geology.  They’re learning about erosion, plate tectonics, layers of the earth and such.  All applicable to where we are and what we’re seeing.

A few days ago they watched a DVD about maps and map making (from Library Video Company).  Obviously also very applicable to what we're doing.  When we got back home they, on their own initiative, pulled out the paper and markers and each worked on making their own map.  Compass rose, grid lines and map key included.


‘School’ never stops....


  1. Will there be a place that you share some of your DVD resources. These few you mentioned here sound interesting.


  2. I think I just set it up that I can now link DVDs or other resources to say Amazon. I think. I'll try and create a new post with the links.....nothing like learning through experimentation, for all of us!

  3. OK Debra, I figured it out! finally :-)