Friday, August 20, 2010

Rain, wind and ice............. 8/4/10

Yesterday we took the trip into town, Steamboat that is. It’s a 40 minutes drive, no not exactly a hop skip and a jump. Seems taking ‘trips into town’ is another set of skills we’ll have to perfect. Though this was not a food shopping trip per say (Walmart was involved however), a cooler would have been a good idea for any items we might decide to pick up not to mention packing food for the afternoon or day. The real reasons behind our excursion were access to wireless and taking Analyzer skating at the olympic size rink they have in town. She had a chance to practice and later S and I had a chance to access the real world (briefly) and plan our next stop. The kids were remarkably well entertained during that time with legos, books and Shape by Shape, one of Whirlwind's favorites. Oh, and Starbucks banana bread was involved, that helped too :-).


Obviously Analyzer's skating will not get the attention she has given it this past year while we’re on the road. It seems this will be a source of frustration for her (and a small source of heartbreak for me) as her skills won’t progress as fast as she’s accustomed to. You can’t really expect the same level of development when you practice once every week or two (if she’s lucky) as opposed to 4, 5 and often 6 times a week! It makes me sad for her. Yes, I know, she’ll benefit and gain so much in other areas of her life thanks to this trip, but still, like I said, a little bit of heartbreak.


Apparently while we were out yesterday, a huge storm blew threw our campsite. We were very lucky. We had left our windows, and worse, our roof window vents (or whatever the heck they’re called) open.....The storm was so bad it lifted our beach umbrella (that was in use over the picnic table and tied to it!) straight up in the air landing it right behind our neighbor’s camper. Amazingly enough our camper was dry inside, just a little dusty coating on the table.

This morning we were again blessed with another storm, though this one did not involve such winds. It’s our first day cooped up inside thanks to the weather and I have to say, the kids and I are fairing quite well. They’ve been in their room most of the day playing and I’ve made some miso soup, since it’s gotten chilly as well. S is back in town trying to figure out our wireless situation. Hopefully when he comes back we’ll have wireless up and running here, or wherever we may be.


Tomorrow we’ll head out as soon as we can get organized and start our way towards Dinosaur National Monument (DNM). Not a long drive, but we’re still not sure where we’re staying. Unfortunately due to the length of our RV, we can’t stay in the park itself.

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