Friday, August 20, 2010

Working towards the RV - a process

It’s for real...........3/31/10

Wow. It’s real. We have a renter. we put a deposit down on an RV. I guess, we’re going somewhere!  Really??




This has really snowballed fast. It seems to be a pattern in our lives. Not a bad one I guess. But a pattern nonetheless. We think of something. We do some research. We put the plan into motion. That last putting it into motion bit always seems to be a fast transition. I think it’s a good thing though.  If it stretched out over a long period, would we actually do these things? I guess long term plans may happen and for some people it may work.  But for us, short term action plans, whether major or minor, are the ticket.


This pattern appears problematic at times, for others. As as example, I give you my mother. Her comment when we first told her we were thinking about RVing full time was: “The problem is K, you always do what you talk about!”


Is that REALLY a problem?? I guess it depends on how one looks at it. Here’s how it happens: I like to explore and read about all sorts of people and things in many areas of life. Those reading encounters give me strange notions.....I like thinking about those notions, researching them, and then, well, applying them to our lives if it suits us. Taking action.  What’s a life if it’s not full of action?? There is such a thing as analysis paralysis is there not?  S can be accused of that at times, but surprisingly, it does not appear to be an issue for me. That is not say I don’t thoroughly research and think about major changes in our lives. I most certainly do. In fact, I was once told by a good friend that I’m the only person she knows who reads more nonfiction than fiction. It’s true. I love a good novel, but when I check out multitudes of books from the library, they do all tend to be nonfiction.....

So, back to that bottom line: We are going to officially be homeless very soon, so we’d better get organized so we can hit the road! :-)


The in-law response........4/6/10

So today we told my in-laws about our plan. S was surprised by my MIL’s reaction: Great! Terrific! Have fun and see the country! Me? Not so surprised. She jumped aboard the whole homeschooling idea once she saw it in action last summer during their visit. Before that I’m not so sure what her opinion was. She was thrilled with the fact that, and I quote, “they’re exposed to everything! It’s remarkable, it’s wonderful!”. Was I surprised then? You bet ya! But grateful. Therefore, her reaction to the RV business, not surprising to me in the least. My FIL is quite another story. His reaction was pretty much predicted by both of us. Reserved, apprehensive, worried. About the future in particular.  Not surprising for a man of a generation that spent a great majority of life focused on building a career to support one’s family and have a secure retirement. Well, I don’t have to tell you that there is no such thing anymore as a secure retirement do I? Security based on a life long job just doesn't exist anymore. It is also quite rare these days to even remain at the same job for your entire career, In fact, it’s pretty much unheard of in the modern industry of today. But, that’s not the world he knows, so his concerns are quite understandable.


Between their two reactions is where I find my peace. Yes, one does need to be thoughtful, take care and work towards having some kind of financial security, present and future.  But, I also know that you never know what life is going to deal you. You can spend decades working on your career, planning for your future and all the fun you’ll have in retirement. And then, never ever get there. Never have a future. We could be hit by a bus or struck down by a disease (God forbid).

We just don’t know. Of course, everyone lives and should live according to their priorities. To each their own. But my philosophy is this: Live while you have life. Don’t wait until later, there may not be a later. If you want to travel, find a way to do it now. If you want to write a book, find a way to do it now. If you want to climb Mount Everest, find a way to do it now. Life is not for waiting around. Life is for living TODAY.

More clues that it is indeed happening........4.6.10

Well, the actual real first step has officially occurred! We’ve traded in S’s jeep for a HUGE pick up truck!


Now, you need to understand that this was S’s first baby. He bought it new (remarkable for this man!) 12 years ago, after his first 6 months in the work force. This was his prize possession for years. So, yet another milestone here..... Anyway, after saying good bye to the Jeep this afternoon, hugs and all, we welcomed S home with the new monstrosity (I guess that will quickly become a very relative term!) - Whirlwind was almost in tears: “but I love the jeep!”.




Frown very quickly turned upside down when he got to climb into the monstrosity (guess we’ll have to name this thing).





Wow. The first concrete change to occur.....things are beginning to sink in.....Guess it’s about time.


For the habits, they are a changin’.........4.26.10

As I get organized to move into an RV, I am finding that my daily habits are changing as well. I’m not taking out every spoon in the drawer to use while preparing food, I won’t have that many to choose from in the RV. I’m heating up the water for some miso soup only until it’s slightly warm and immediately turn off the burner, thereby saving propane. I’m presoaking the silverware and dishes in the sink and using minimal water while washing and rinsing, thereby conserving water in the fresh water tank. The one thing so far I am quite intentionally NOT doing is taking shorter showers. Those I am savoring until the very end ,knowing good and well that I won’t be hanging out enjoying the hot water in the RV. Mine will probably be the loud shriek echoing through the campground when my hot water’s run out!

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