Friday, August 20, 2010

Nothing like arriving in the rain to literally get your feet wet......8/1/10



Turns out that embarking on a new and exciting adventure can bring about stress. Go figure! What I was predicting to be an upbeat and exciting day and moment, was, well, stressful and pretty upsetting. For all, young and old. All were crabby, on edge and short tempered.

All. Day. Long.

This does not make for a nice storybook beginning. Fear of the unknown, sadness at leaving friends behind, leaving the house, the neighborhood, even our own beloved Costco all contributed to today’s anxieties I’m quite sure. Inventor put it best I think when he said, “it just feels weird”.

The good news is it took us 2 hours less than expected to get up to Steamboat Lake, our very first stop. And no, we were not speeding with that monstrosity dragging behind us. Got here, found our site, filled the fresh water tanks (though apparently not fully, quite a problem as you’ll soon learn), and then began the process of attempting to back in.


Well, coordinating a ‘back in’ with a 37’ trailer attached to a mega huge truck is no easy feat.

But of course! you say. No kidding....

As I was *trying* to guide S into our spot, a skill that no doubt will take a good while to learn, it started raining. Really really raining. As we’re going back and forth, literally and figuratively, a wonderful man from a nearby campsite approached us and offered some help. Thank God!! He helped S maneuver this way and that and finally, he was in! As they were doing that, I was chatting with another nearby camper. Yes, I should have been paying closer attention to the whole maneuvering business, but I was too busy learning from said camper that this site is one of the hardest spots he’s ever seen to back in to! Of course it is, it’s our first night. In fact, it’s so hard that had he come upon it he would have up and left to find someplace else!

Well, as Pa Ingalls says, all’s well that ends well. But, and here’s the kicker: Tomorrow we will have to do this all over again since our water tanks are only a 1/3 full and the spigot is down the road just enough that our hoses can’t reach it......

We did manage to end the day on a lovely and celebratory note thanks to all our books, toys and a wonderful gift from our dear friend J: An RV sized popcorn popper!


Bunk beds built by S!
Analyzer on her perch -

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