Friday, August 20, 2010

Living and learning.......8/2/10

A successful restful night was had by all, hallelujah! It was kind of nice not to have to jump out of bed in the morning and have to rush out for this or that errand, just hangin’! No idea what the day holds, but finishing to organize the RV is definitely on the list as we randomly dumped our last minute stuff in yesterday and we don’t have a place to sit down unless we move things around constantly.......not an acceptable situation......

.......We’ve now enjoyed our first road trip smoothies for breakfast while getting some very helpful suggestions from yet another friendly camper. He is actually the campground host but he’s also a full-timer, spending the summer here and then moving on, so we *really* got many helpful tips...


......RV’s been shut up, moved and water’s been refilled. Dumping the so called ‘black water’ (use your imagination if you don’t know what that is) is currently underway with the boys in tow since that *is* what they’ve been waiting for all this time. Check out RV the movie to see what I mean, but it ain’t pretty! Hopefully S’s dumping process will go much smoother, no pun intended ;-). We now have a new neighbor who will help S park the darn thing (we have yet to name it) when he returns - bottom line, RV folk are really really friendly and helpful!!!..........

.........We’re learning to live in our small space, that, BTW, isn’t really that small come to realize! There is so much storage in this thing it’s unbelievable. We are experiencing some bumps and bruises, literally, since moving within our limited spaces will take some getting used to. We’ve had bumped heads, elbows, feet - all part of the learning curve. But really, when we get tired of being inside, we head outside.

We’ve got a beautiful view of the lake, mountains, Aspens and wild flowers. The sounds of birds, crickets, wind and rain. The older two have been biking around the campground loop and are having the time of their lives.



The following quotes were heard today: “You know, it’s not so bad living in an RV” by Inventor and “Can we stay in the RV for 2 years? maybe 3? or even 5??” by Analyzer.....

......Conservation - we’re looking at it in a whole new way. It’s beyond doing the right thing or being PC, it’s actually a matter of running out of stuff. While living with indoor plumbing we don’t necessarily think about running out of water. We know that we should conserve and can maybe even picture the lakes and oceans being polluted and depleted. Right now we don’t have a water hookup so we fill the tanks at a central location and then if we don't want to move the whole darn thing again, we *must* minimize our water use, there are no two ways about it. Dish washing takes on a whole new face, not to mention showering, toothbrushing, hand washing and even toilet flushing (but I’ll spare you the details)! If we don’t have electrical hookups we either have no electricity or when we purchase a generator we still have to use electricity way more conservatively than we did while living in our house (and as some of you know, we were pretty conservative to begin with). It’s all about preserving our resources, and this time, it’s right in our faces. I don’t have a problem with that, I actually find it kind of liberating ironically.

Oh, one more kitchen related item, I like not having to take 6-8 strides from sink to fridge or stovetop, or to an opposite counter. Granted, it’s only been a day, but still, we all keep looking at each other and say, wow, this is pretty cool!

Some of our adventures during our stay at Steamboat......




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