Sunday, August 29, 2010


We’re the Dors, S, K, 3 kiddos: 9 year old Analyzer, 7 year old Inventor, 5 year old Whirlwind and our beloved old dog Labra.

It may come as a surprise to some of you, but we do not believe in extremes :-)

We're a mostly vegan, mostly raw, totally homeschooling and RVing family.  To some (most??) our lifestyle may seem a bit off the rocker, but like I said, we don’t believe in being extreme anything.  Our kids don’t go to school, but they’re not hidden away from the world either. Like kids who go to school, they too are exposed to the good the bad and the ugly.  They participate in lots of activities (current lifestyle permitting), they find friends at campgrounds and other activities, and have lots of real life contact with grownups, those same people you find at museums, zoos, parks, etc on weekday mornings.  We do some so called ‘sit down work’, but mainly we’re out and about in the real world.  Meeting real people and facing real life situations and issues (for good and bad).  Yes, true, we don’t live in a so called stick house.  But we do have a home. It may be small but we’ve got America as our big back yard!

So, how'd we end up in an RV you ask?  Well.....

Over a year ago S got laid-off from his high tech job. As time went by and a desirable job was not appearing on the horizon, we had to start thinking about the future. Something had to change. After an incredibly successful road trip from CO to FL a crazy notion hit me....We could sell it all, live in an RV and travel the country! S thought I was nuts. Slowly and little by little the idea began to sink and settle in.....As I said, the original plan was to sell it all off. As January and February rolled in we needed to step up the pace if we were to get the house and all it’s contents sold by early summer. Panic began to set in. How do we get rid of 4000 square foot worth of stuff in a matter of a few months?! Would we be able to sell the house to our satisfaction in that time period? Should we buy the RV first? After? It was dizzying.

One extremely snowy weekend in February I went out to get the mail. Among some bills and junk I found a folded white sheet of paper. I read it in total disbelief. I walked into the house, half smiling half mouth gapping and handed it to S. My Mom, who was visiting, looked at me and kept asking what? what? I couldn’t answer. As S read the letter, a huge smile mixed with disbelief crossed his face. We both looked at each other and said really?? Could this be real? Could this really be happening??

The letter was from a couple from the east coast. They were on a house hunting trip in our area and really liked the neighborhood. The letter simply stated that they were moving to the area and are looking for a house to rent for a year, hopefully two. We learned later that they had dropped those letters off mostly in homes that were for sale and a select few that were not. Ours was in the latter group. They just like the house and thought, hey, it couldn’t hurt!

Well, letter in hand, I immediately sat down to shoot them an email. Long story short, it all fell into place. We signed a lease in April and they moved out to CO in July. Talk about karma! They are the nicest people and we couldn’t ask for a sweeter family living in and taking care of our house.

We pulled out of our town on August 1st and have been embracing life on the road since.

We hope you enjoy our little blog as much as we are enjoying life!

P.S. Just some blog housekeeping notes:  I’ve been writing entries for months now, obviously way before the blog publication.  Therefore, you’ll find several early entries grouped together under one heading with little subheadings inside.  Other than that, I’ve been trying to play catch up since we left.  One of these days I’ll get to up to date as to where we are this very minute.  Until then, enjoy our recent past :-)


  1. YES! That's so similar to what happened to us! Only we had to move (the house owners kicked us out) and what some might have thought was a disaster was a blessing in disguise! Long story short we got rid of everything and came from the east coast to CO three years ago :-)

    This is so cool and I'm so excited for you guys! XOXO, Kelly

  2. I'm really enjoying reading about your kids, their questions, and your adventures! enjoy this wonderful year! And keep letting us know about your travels. Keep posting! Can your RV get you guys over to our side of the world? where will you be for the chagim?

    much love, Amy

  3. Thanks Kelly! Gotta love blessings in disguise :-)

    Thanks Amy! I don't think the RV can cross an ocean, not yet anyway.... :-) I think we'll be in Yellowstone for R"H, investigating geysers.

  4. Hello, Just added your blog to the web site. Wanted to stop by and welcome you. We have much in common, beyond traveling. We are also vegetarian(mostly raw), homeschoolers - except our son, who grew up on the road, is now out on his own.
    See that you are in Dinosaur - we loved our adventures there back in 2001:

  5. We certainly do have a lot in common Activated :-) Just added the website link BTW. Will figure out how to add the image as well one of these days....