Monday, September 13, 2010

Movin', chillin', readin', and laundrin'....8.18.10-8.20.10


After 2 days at our original Teton campsite, we decided, after talking to yet another RVer we met, to relocate.  This time we headed to a campsite situated on a beautiful lake in the national forest right outside the park, Atherton campground on Slide Lake.  This lake was created when a tremendous landslide (the Gros Ventre slide to be exact) occurred about 90 years ago, tearing off half the mountainside, it dammed the river, thereby creating a lake.  More on Slide Lake later though.

I won't go into our parking fiasco in this post, will save that for another time when I discuss the amazing people we've met along the way.  Suffice it to say that through our parking pains we met someone who became like family to us.  Honestly and truly.
At this point, we were soooo desperately in need of some serious chilling.  After being go go go for the past several days, this was a well called for vacation from ‘doing’.  I knew it from the start, but now it’s been proven.  If we’re going to last we need lots of downtime to just chill and live.  This chilling BTW ended up lasting three whole weeks!  Mostly due to the above mentioned people, we just didn't want to leave them! But I digress again.

So, 'just living' means we organize, clean up, and get involved in other housekeeping tasks.  But you know what?  All those things are really welcome now that the cleaning and organizing size we’re dealing with is miniature :-)  Cleaning 1 toilet is sooo much better than worrying about 5.  Wiping down a tiny stretch of countertop is so much easier than worrying about what seem now like miles and miles counter space (constantly cluttered counter space I might add).  And vacuuming?  What a pleasure!  2 minutes max and you’re done!  Now of course there is the task of figuring out what to do with al the papers we accumulate (any suggestions are more than welcome!).  Luckily we have available storage space inside, some drawers, large and small, so at least I know I can put it all somewhere.  But organizing it in some fashion would be nice.

Laundry of course is a must, and we take advantage of just hanging around there to get some of our 'sit down' work done -

Alternatively, I go in on my own and have some 'me' time which is most welcome too of course.


We pulled out the violin, finally, and got some practice under our belts  Yes, I say 'our belts' since I'm learning right along with Inventor.


This, BTW, is what our living room looks like after a major grocery shopping expedition, there's just no place to put bags but all over the floor.


And as for the chillin' part of it all -
Here are the kids hanging out playing at our new campsite -


Gotta have a fire!


I think he's happy.  I think.


When it's cold out, we play in!

And of course, can't leave out the Jackson library, a place we came to really love hanging out in -


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