Friday, September 17, 2010

Friends - human and otherwise

On this morning, for the first time, the kids voiced their angst at not having any kids to play with.  We empathized and assured then that somewhere along the way they will find kids to play with.

Sure enough, not an hour goes by when not one, but two families with kids roll in to the campground!  The first family only stayed one night but the second (mentioned in a previous post) hung around an extra day just because our kids were having so much fun together.  What joy!!  Analyzer had met a girl who personality wise appeared to be her twin and Inventor, who is always happy to play with anybody of any age, bonded with the 11 year old brother.  Said 11 year old was so sweet and genuinely enjoyed playing with Inventor as well.  Surprised at first, I soon learned from my lengthy discussion with Mom that they're homeschoolers, which IMO explains why Inventor wasn't just dismissed for his age.....just talking from experience here.

We posponed any out of campground adventures and let the kids enjoy each other, and boy did they ever!

Workin' on building a dam, cause, why not?!






We, excuse me, they, also enjoyed handling the little snake our 11 year old friend found - creeps me out just watching it!


And speaking of creep me out snake afternoon Analyzer took one step out of the RV and yelled SNAKE!!!  2 feet away from her, on the hillside, she spotted a rather large snake having his dinner!  He had just caught a mouse, that was still squeaking and trying to get free, the poor guy....We had the honor of watching the entire process, almost from start to complete finish!  It was a Nature Channel moment but *way* better, since we got to witness it with our own eyes.
If you're squeemish, look away :-)



And dinner's over.


The whole process took about 15 minutes, in case you're wondering.

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