Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little A 8.11.10

Our plan the morning we left, yet again, was to start heading north to the Tetons.  However, once again, our plans changed.  This time, it was a prolonged discussion (and therefore a *very* delayed departure once more!) with our very friendly hosts that brought about this change.  They sat down with a map and proceeded to show us several recommended locations and routes.

Shortly after our delayed departure, we crossed into our 3rd state......
So heading west on I-80 our goal was to get to Fort Bridger in southwest WY and camp there, but once again, a change in plans.  At this point I’m guessing that’s going to be a theme here.

This BTW is us, at a Walmart parking lot on the way.  We park with The Big Boys now :-)


Anyway, further down the road we happened across what’s known as Little America, right off I-80.  This place is basically a service station, but a glorified one with it’s own zip code!  It has a huge truck stop with a Laundromat (yes we utilized it.  First time on the road), a playground, a dinosaur to climb on, a hotel, food & gas (obviously), a dump station and a huge parking lot, where, get this, one can park overnight (or two or three) for free!  Now, being the fearful and careful self I am, staying at rest areas and such is not something I go for but this place has 24 hour service and security, is well lit and has many other RVs right there next to you.

Our view while doing laundry :-)


Our view parked for the night/s -


Next morning found us heading southwest towards Fort Bridger, about 35 minutes down the highway.  We took the RV with planning to spend the night closer to our next stop, Fossil Butte National Monument.....but, yet again, flexibility rules.....

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