Sunday, September 5, 2010

Well deserved!

Our last day at the park was notable for the excitement surrounding THE badges and patches!  Whew!  Even I couldn't quite believe the enthusiasm the kids demonstrated regarding the booklets and 'work' they needed to do to.  Not having completed one of these booklets in a while, I'd forgotten how serious it's taken by the rangers.  They actually go over each section of the booklet with each individual child, reviewing correct items, discussing errors and giving high fives.  Once that phase is completed the kids all sign their books, raise their right hand and swear to preserve, protect and maintain this that or the other, depending on the park.  It's pretty darn cute.  And talk about a self directed 'educational process'!



Proudly displaying their achievements in front of a dinosaur of course!


And speaking of self directed learning......
I picked up this book at Costco on the recommendation of a trusted homeschooling friend, thanks J!

Analyzer has been enthusiastically plowing through it from the moment she set eyes on it!  Heck, I'm learning a lot from it!  It's come in real handy with all the western history we've been exploring.  But that's for another post......


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