Thursday, September 23, 2010

Subscribing to the blog - more RVkeeping

For all those who were asking, here's what you need to do to get automatic updates when a post is added to the blog. The same applies to post comments.
Find the 'Subscribe To' button on the left below the blog archive list.
Subscribe To.jpg
Select 'Posts' or 'All Comments'.
Subscribe To Choose.jpg
Select the way you want to receive the RSS feed. This will be different for everyone. You will be redirected to a page per your choice. I chose 'Atom' (a more modern RSS format).
On the mac, I use the standard mail application to read my RSS feeds. You may use a different RSS reader then the one I use. It is up to you. All you need to do is choose your reader from the list above. Now, whenever a new entry is posted, you will automatically get an email notification.
Thanks for your patience and thank you S for clarifying it all!!  This is all new to me too.......


  1. i did it and it really works! I think though K you forgot a step. At least with the Atom format you need to drag the RSS URL into the mail program and then a window opens up asking how i want to get the message and I had a box to click on that says "inbox". Good luck everyone - it's worth the effort!

  2. Well, if you're using a Mac and it's mail application you drag the icon into your mail, but not necessarily with other applications or PCs. Everyone has to figure it out as it applies to what they're using. :-)