Friday, September 17, 2010

Wrapping up the Tetons....

You know how when you live somewhere you tend not to go do the sightseeing touristy things?  You mainly go to those places when you have out of town guest, to show *them*. Silly? Yes. But happens all the time.  Well, we fell into that same trap during our extended stay at the Tetons.....

Nothing like last minute to try and get things done and unfortunately, some things just didn't happen....
First things first though, we had to *finally* get those badges! Could NOT leave without them.

Of course their work was reviewed.....why 2/3 kids have their hands in their mouths I don't know.....


Here we are at the swearing in ceremony :-)


Singing of the names in the register is mucho importanto -


Mission accomplished!
And given it was Rosh Hashanah, the ram's horn was quite appropriate :-)


Must have a picture of the badges WITH the Tetons.....


The day we left was cccoooolllldddd! In fact, but the time we had gotten down the mountain, it was snowing at the top, most likely at our campsite!  We were LUCKY!
As we were pulling out of the campsite, RV and all, the red fruit on the bushes were calling to us.  We stopped and enjoyed our last harvest.


Look at that color!


Driving away, watching the campground down below, felt like we were leaving home.  It was a sad heavy feeling.  What made it more bearable was the M&S were gone already, so really, we were leaving our home of 3 weeks but not our family.  They were gone already.

Onward we go though!

Here's the promised info on the slide itself. I won't repeat what the sign says, but those dead trees you saw pictures of in previous posts, in Slide Lake, came down the mountain when this happened.  Some of the younger trees that came down actually replanted themselves and survived. Albeit on the other side of the valley!  The dam the slide created held for 2 years and then broke, practically wiping out the town several miles below and destroying ranch land as well.  After that the natural dam was reinforced and has held since. Thankfully.


The slide we didn't get around to hiking.... :-(
It was on our list for weeks, but guess it wasn't meant to be.  This time anyway.


Final picture and view of the Tetons, well, sort of....


Yellowstone - here we come!

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