Monday, September 13, 2010

Heading to Jackson and some real food! 8.16.10

The day we pack and move is alway uneventful, thankfully.  We do take our time apparently, so we didn’t hit the road until late morning.  Waving goodbye to the Green River and the pioneers, we headed northwest towards the Tetons!  Finally!
The trip itself is pretty nondescript until you begin to approach Jackson, however, we did make one interesting stop on the way.
Names Hill :

It's one of the many places where the pioneers on the trail camped for the night and at this particular location, carved their names in the soft limestone hillside for posterity.  I was so looking forward to seeing it and showing the kids.  My thought was that seeing people’s names and maybe even ages would really bring it home to them.  It turned out to be very sad though. There’s a plaque of course, and James Bridger’s name carving is very clear as you can see below, but the abundance of other more modern names is terrible.  People just have no respect for history and apparently have no shame in broadcasting their lack of respect to the world as well.  What should be sacred, historically speaking, is heavily violated.  A lesson to us all in making sure we do our very best to take care of what we have and help preserve it instead of desecrate it.

Back on the trail, so to speak, we continued our trip north.  We were excited obviously about seeing the Tetons, but almost as exciting was the prospect of finally seeing a natural food store again!!!
Since we left, we’ve been shopping in local tiny town grocery stores and of course Walmart (that has unfortunately become our new best friend) and organic food has been hard to come by, to say the least. We’ve been lucky to find some spinach and lettuce and the occasional piece of fruit at some Walmarts and local chains, but it’s hardly enough to live on.  We’re sooo excited to finally see some normal fresh food!!!  We will be stocking up on much fresh produce and some not so fresh as well. We’ve come to the conclusion that while we’re in areas like these we have little choice but to eat non raw more often than we’d like.  We will now stock up on frozen and boxed foods for the times we can’t find anything else to eat.
Kids are hungry at the moment and when we told them we’re heading to a store in Jackson, Whirlwind asked “Does it have organic food?” Gettin’ them while they’re young.......I love it!  :-)

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