Monday, September 13, 2010

The Grand...... 8/17/10

Anyone know what ‘teton’ means....?  Hint:  It’s French.
Try to think of it while looking at this picture.......

What do those mountains remind you of?
Well, apparently the French (of course) who explored and trapped here thought they looked like breasts. 3 to be exact.  Really really big breasts at that.  So big, they're grand!  Just a little French lesson there :-)  Another explanation, though not nearly as fun, is that Teton is another term for Lakota, or a member of the American Indian of western South Dakota.

Anyway, back to our life here.....after shopping and eating at the natural foods store (what a breath of fresh air!) we finally headed to our planned campground.  Again, this place was recommended to us by other fellow campers at previous locations.  Have I mentioned how nice, helpful and fun to be around other RVers are??  Well, they SO are!  More on that to come later.

Campground is real nice and more importantly, backing in to our site was a breeze this time!  That in itself is quite memorable.  S cruised this sucker right back in to our spot without a hitch (no pun intended).  Typically, as typically goes so far, backing in has not been fun, to say the least.  For either one of us.  It’s quite an ordeal......
Next day was a behavior issue day for one of us...I won’t mention any, not very much fun.  I however did get quite a bit of food preparation and cooking done. Yes, I said cooking.  We haven’t had electric hookups since our very first campsite at Steamboat Lake, so that means no option to use the dehydrator for hours on end, which most recipes call for.  So, although I used my raw ingredients and same methods of preparation, I had to fry the pancakes and bake the bars.  A darn shame, but that’s the way it goes I guess, flexibility rules.

This is what our kitchen looks like BTW when I cook up a storm.....


The afternoon found S along with the older two at the Elk Refuge Center in Jackson where they worked for about an hour to earn their refuge badge.  The other one got to stay with me in the car.  THAT was fun.


The badges they earned -


Jackson has these really cool antler arches!  And yes, they're real, though not from hunting according to what I've been told.  There are so many elk in the refuge every winter (14,000 from Teton alone and even more come down from Yellowstone) and they all shed their antlers every year leaving them behind for 'us' to do what we want with them.  Pretty cool!



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  1. that bear "hugging" Liran looks about the same size as the one in my bear story!