Friday, September 17, 2010

It's not always easy in an RV.....

Yes, it's not all smiles and sunshine.  Obviously.  Nothing is.

Kid's get pouty and pissy.  Grownups get pouty and pissy.  Even the dog got pouty and pissy, though he's better now. But all that happens anywhere anyway, and I don't think it happens more often in the RV. Thankfully. But it still happens, and in close quarters it can get even more annoying.

It's difficult for those who wake up earlier to keep quiet so as not to wake up the rest - I'm talking kids here.  Even if a child closes the bedroom door and plays in the living room, well, he's then playing but a few inches away from said door.   Sometimes we experience a miracle and those who want to sleep later manage too, but more often than not, someone gets woken up.

As the stovetop and oven are being used for food storage, they all have to be emptied when we want to use the stovetop or oven (stovetop more frequently than oven for us).  Well, where might we move things to??  It's either the table or the couch.  Well, what if someone wants to use the table or the couch?  Then it's put on the floor.  Well, what if we want to walk on the floor?  We then have a problem of not very much walking space. Period.  Now, during the day, if the weather's good, it's not really a problem.  It's also not a problem if the kids are happy to go in their room and play or do their thing.  But if non of those situations apply, well, like I said, we have a problem.

If, no, *when* we need to separate children from each other, there really aren't that many choices.  It's either their room or ours.  The living room too if we need to separate all three from each other, which rarely happens, thankfully.

If *we* want peace and quiet, we usually need to head outside.  And again, thankfully, more often then not, it's nice outside with beautiful scenery so it's a great idea anyway. Only problem is when it's nasty out, then, well, there's our bedroom I guess.  Though if it's not quiet in the rest of the RV, it's not quiet there either.

Small spaces obviously call for more creative solutions.  We're still working on it......

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