Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gold mining history.....8.15.10

And our 11th anniversary :-)

So, despite yesterday being a full day, the plan for today was to schlepp about an hour and a half over to South Pass City, an old mining and current ghost town.  The ride back to our campsite was set to include several stops along the Oregon trail.  Guess what?  We actually stuck to the plan!!  Despite some failed first attempts at finding the actual trail.....

The day however began with a haircut and a sword fight.  Rest assured that wild goofing around time with Daddy still occurs, even in the RV!


Back to the gohst mining town.

Take note of of the current population number.....


Our expectation before we got there was that we’d simply tour the town, the old buildings and their contents.  That would have been plenty!  But upon arrival we learned that they actually offer tours of the mine itself!!


S, who until now had not been too enthused about the day’s plan, was gettin’ into it.  Soon after we got there I sent him and the older two off on the mine tour.


As the mine involved rickety old narrow stairs and open shafts, I decided I’d better stay back with Whirlwind.  That just didn’t seem like the kind of environment a 5 year old child who needs to touch and pull everything, and hurts himself constantly to boot, should be in.  To say the very least.....
Not to worry, he was perfectly happy watching Diego in the car while I was perfectly happy to make a phone call, check my email and Facebook.

While touring the town -

the outhouse of course was the highlight!


As was the mine you could partially go in to.


This, is a crusher.  In case you couldn't tell. Obviously the boys were drawn right to it!


And this, is the original cash register! (exposure's kind of lousy, sorry)



I suppose it goes without saying by now, but I'll say it anyway, that we just don't run through these kinds of place.  We do stop, read, discuss and even role play to really get into the history of the place.  WY, BTW, was the first state to allow women to vote!  South Pass city also housed the very first woman justice of the peace in the entire country.  Quite historic for reasons beyond gold.
It was approaching 5PM by the time we left South Pass City, but the day wasn't over yet.......


  1. hey - what did that crusher crush? kind of like the crusher grampa Nonny had in his scrap yard!

  2. Crushed the rocks they pulled out to try and find gold nuggets and flakes.